Der Eiskeller / The Ice cellar

Extraordinary Eventlocation with breathtaking atmosphere

Ice blocks harvested from the frozen Elbe was stored 7 metres below ground in the ice cellar. In the olden days, the ice was delivered to restaurants and private residences. However, after the invention of electrical cooling systems, ice deliveries lost their economic importance. During World War II, the ice cellar regained its importance as a gathering spot to people from the Allied bombs. It was converted into a bunker. Thereafter the ice cellar was totally redesigned and furnished to become a fascinating event facility. Some of the historic details have been kept to add to the ambiance and offer an extraordinary flair.

Nowadays the centrally located ice cellar captivates with its special architecture and unique ambiance. The multifunctional layout offers plenty of room for creativity and unusual ideas for up to 150 guests.


Event-Skyline Hamburg