Christmas Gala at Hamburg’s “Michel”

Glitter and glamour in the church

Christmas – The feast of love is just around the corner. At Christmas time the world shines every year anew in this unique, dreamlike glow, which emanates from the many small Christmas lights, which are distributed over the whole city. Of course, the centre is always the beautifully decorated Christmas trees, which combine all the splendour of this fairytale-like time.
But do you also have a Christmas gala in mind that takes up the magic, glamour and glamour of the Christmas season? To turn it into an event that puts you and your guests in a stylish ambience in a Christmass mood?

Look forward with HEP to a Christmas event of the top class. The Michel, one of the most famous churches and landmark of the Hanseatic city, awaits you in a completely new design. Christmas decorated with a decorated, majestic Christmas tree, this location offers the perfect setting for a Christmas gala. You and your guests will enjoy an elegant Christmas buffet here and can end the evening comfortably.

If you are interested in celebrating your Christmas party in Hamburg. Give us a call or send us an email. Get in the mood for the holidays with us!

Event-Skyline Hamburg