Fabrik der Künste

An impressive location

In any case, the Fabrik der Künste has emerged as a new institution for diverse artistic events in Hamburg. As a result, the factory is a new event location in the middle of the Hamm-Süd industrial estate in Hamburg. However 3 km from the main station.

 In addition, the new location is impressive and offers a wide range of technical possibilities for various events. Especially since the old storage rooms were extensively and design-oriented rebuilt in 2007. The 500 m² exhibition space will be used for art projects. For example for exhibitions, concerts, cultural weeks, plays and readings.

After all, the Fabrik der Künste is an architecturally simple building with two rooms of 250m² each on two floors. In addition, the minimalism of the rooms offers the possibility of creating a unique atmosphere with light effects. Thus the old production and storage rooms offer space for exhibitions, concerts, cultural weeks, plays and readings. Whether an evening event or a gala, everything is possible in the Fabrik der Künste. However, there are also dressing rooms for artists.

The Fabrik der Künste is also interested in bringing German artists as well as international artists and visitors to Hamburg. In recent years, an Arab Cultural Week, a Polish Soiree and the HR Giger Retrospective, among others, have taken place.

Thus the FDK invites you to enter the special world of the Factory of Arts.

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