The REE Location

Your event with a nostalgic touch

First of all, the roots of the listed REE location go back to the late 19th century. In addition, the former Bille power station consists of eight partially connected Buildings. Also covers a total area of approximately 14,000 m².

If you are looking for an exclusive event space, the REE location in Hamburg Hammerbrook is the right place for you!

For many years, the historic Rotklinker building in the south of Hamburg was forgotten there. Thus the ravages of time have demanded a lot from the building. Because with a lot of work and heart blood the old workshop was brought into the today’s condition and shines in new old splendour. Since 2007, the former heating plant has been used as an event, photo and film location. Because on 750 m² of surface, which are completely painted white, provide 24 m high ceilings, and large windows for a beautiful atmosphere with its own fascinating charm. Also a modern with a nostalgic touch. In addition, the lower floor can be reached via two staircases facing each other and daylight enters through the large window arches and provides an impressive backdrop in the evening.

In addition, the REE offers the space for various design options, which are suitable for events with up to 1000 People. Here you can creatively implement your ideas.
The former heating plant is well connected to the Hamburg transport network and is close to the city centre. The REE is easy to reach there for everyone. After all, the location is equipped with everything. Furthermore parking spaces are also available in the courtyard and in the immediate vicinity.

An event in the REE will inspire you there and will remain in great, beautiful memories.

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