The Holsten Brewery

Wondering, Savouring, Brewing

The Holsten Brewery have succeeded with the fruity Hopfgold and the powerful Elb-Harmonie, two Craft beers with a unique Nordic character. But on site you can not only enjoy the novelties in a relaxed way. The Holsten Brauwelt invites beer lovers to experience the unique world of beer as a quality product more intensively.

Marvel, taste and even brew your own beer is the order of the day here. Because Holsten is also an experience brewery. Anyway, interested people and hobby brewers have the possibility to get to know the natural product beer with all its colours, scents and aromas in special beer seminars. Through varied beer seminars, exclusive tastings or practical brewing courses, visitors immerse themselves in the varied world of beers and get to know the traditional brewing trade.

The Holsten Brewery is a brewery founded in 1879 in the then Holstein town of Altona. Since 2004 the brewery belongs to Carlsberg Germany and is therefore part of the international Carlsberg Group, the fourth largest brewery group in the world. In addition, the Holsten is its administrative headquarters and brewery in the present-day Hamburg. And that’s still a good thing. Because only through the North German charm of this city can a Holsten become what it is: an honest beer.

Celebrate right at the source, who wouldn’t want that after all?! By the way, you have the possibility to organize your event directly in the Holsten Brewery. In addition, you can celebrate in a convivial and cosy atmosphere in theHolsten Brewery in Hamburg, in a unique world of experience surrounding the quality product beer.

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