St. Michaelis cross vault

Church St. Michaelis

The church St. Michaelis, in the vernacular also Michel called, is one of the five main churches of Hamburg and finally the best known. The church has been the landmark of the city of Hamburg for centuries. The church tower with a height of more than 130 meters could be seen from a distance and the sailors knew that they were at home and there is also a fantastic view of the Elbe and the port of Hamburg.

In addition, what many do not know is that the cross vault under the main church is now available to the public as an event room. This makes the tomb of St. Michaelis one of the largest in Europe. Carl Philipp, Emanuel Bach and the builder of the church Ernst Georg Sonnin are buried there along with many other Hamburgers.

The approximately 400 m² room under the nave is completely accessible. It can be rented for events. Whether private or corporate events, celebrations, concerts, readings, receptions, exhibitions up to 350 people can be accommodated. By separating the areas, events with smaller groups (50 people) can also be carried out well. The extraordinary atmosphere of the crypt is the perfect setting for unforgettable experiences. Another special highlight is the elaborate lighting system, which can generate different light intensities and illuminations.

Although the cellar vault built in the middle of the 18th century has retained its original form, there is no sign of cold or oppressive atmosphere! In addition, under the wide curved ceilings there are light bands, which lend the room a warm and elegant ambience. A modern kitchen makes sure that you enjoy your event culinary to the full. By the way, lighting technology was installed on the imposing pillars that can change colours.

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