Wasserwerk im Inselpark

One of the most spectacular locations offers an industrial charme

The Wasserwerk in Hamburg Wilhelmburg is more than 100 years old. In 2008 it was closed for its regular business. It has been remodeled to become an event location for the International Garden Show in 2013. The Maschinenhalle is an architectural gemstone an a great setting for your event. Stairs are leading from the terrace to the water. An addiotional highlight is the small red brick building, the Verdüsungsgebäude. Inside you will find a historic watertank.

The coffee-show at the Verdüsungsgebäude has become a perfect gathering spot for locals and vistors. At the coffee roastery you can witness how perfect coffee will me made. The Maschinenhalle offers a variety of culinary events throughout the year.

Event-Skyline Hamburg