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Sailing trip on the “Mare Frisum”

Sails set and lines unhooked! Last Tuesday the HEP-Hanseatische Event Partner had organized a sailing trip for the Pallmann company. They went at 10 o’clock on the sailing ship “Mare Frisum” which layed below at the Kehrwiederspitze. Before the sailing trip could start, the captain gave a safety briefing and then it started. An accordion… weiterlesen

Programme for Pallmann company

In May HEP organized a supporting programme for Pallmann. At first it started with the arrival of the guests at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, where each of the Group “Wild Boys” received a welcome gift from the company and were directed to their room. After a speech on our part and the management of Pallmann,… weiterlesen

Christmas party for Marsh

A Christmassy Christmas Party On 1 December 2017, HEP GmbH organised a Christmas party for the Marsh Company. In the beautiful Hanseatic city of Lübeck. The celebration took place at the Kulturwerft Gollan. At the beginning of the evening the employees of the Marsh company were in an adjoining room with a hot mulled wine,… weiterlesen

IPLOCA – A special day

Supporting programme for IPLOCA In June this year HEP GmbH organized the supporting program for IPLOCA. The meticulously elaborated programme lasted 3 days. From the city tour to the Presidents Dinner in the Anglo-German-Club, everything was taken care of by HEP-Hanseatische Event Partner. Day 1 became something very special with a tour of the Airbus… weiterlesen

Supporting programme in Hamburg

Event 15 January 2019 The supporting Programme in Hamburg started with an evening boat trip organized by the HEP-Hanseatisch Event Partner on 15 January 2019 for the company Frohn. On the boat trip there were drinks and buffet and an additional harbour guide who told something about the sights of Hamburg. At 18:30 the client… weiterlesen

Customer event in the crypt of the Michel

Customer event of a Special kind At the end of January, HEP- Hanseatische Event Partner GmbH organized a customer event for Commerzbank. The event began with a classical choir concert in the Michel. After the 60-minute concert the guests were greeted with a champagne reception in the crypt of the Hamburg landmark. For the vault… weiterlesen

Employee conference Funk

International employee conference of Funk in the Hotel Atlantic At the end of June, the annual employee conference of the Funk Insurance Group took place in the Hotel Atlantic, the White Castle on the Alster. For this employee conference 150 employees from all over the world came to Hamburg. Of course, a lot of organization… weiterlesen

HEP GmbH in Berlin

The Hamburg event agency HEP-Hanseatische Event Partner is not only represented in its beautiful hometown. But we also organise major events for our exclusive customers in one of Germany’s most vibrant cities. Complex planning is the be-all and end-all of this type of event. Only in this way we can guarantee a smooth and relaxed… weiterlesen

At the old Hamburg Marina

Conference at the beginning of June at the old Hamburg Marina Hanseatische Event Partner hosted an evening event at the old Hamburg Marina as part of a conference. The location was a historic villa surrounded by old oak trees. In the maritime style of the 20’s it is suitable for its location at the edge… weiterlesen

Conference in the Port of Hamburg

A breathtaking view of the port of Hamburg with its large cargo ships can be admired through the glass fronts of Hamburg’s Kaispeicher. It is an elegant and modern location in the heart of Hamburg. Here you can carry out unusual and modern events. Because the large and friendly rooms with glass facades and wooden… weiterlesen

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