Programme for Pallmann company

In May HEP organized a supporting programme for Pallmann.

At first it started with the arrival of the guests at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, where each of the Group “Wild Boys” received a welcome gift from the company and were directed to their room.

After a speech on our part and the management of Pallmann, the supporting program could start. The guests were already divided into the different activities and were visibly excited. They offered a flight simulator, a boxing training in “der Ritze” and a canoe GPS rally.

For the flight simulator, the participants could choose between an Airbus A380 and a helicopter. Before you were able to fly, you received a briefing from an employee.

The boxing group was coached by Peter Okoroji. To warm up, you had to run around the boxing ring for 10 minutes and then do push-ups. After the training was almost over, they were allowed to enter the ring again and prove their skills.

On the Alster the third group had done a canoe GPS rally. Two teams competed against each other. It was about who would answer all questions and puzzles correctly the fastest in two hours and thus collect the most points.

After all three groups came back to the hotel they had a break. At 7 pm they met in the hotel lobby to walk to the Elbphilharmonie to go to the Plaza. From there you have a beautiful view of Hamburg. Afterwards they went to the restaurant Störtebeker, which is right in the Elbphilharmonie. Down in front of the Elbphilharmonie an employee of HEP was already waiting to take them to the next activity. Then the Programme wasn´t over yet.

They went to the David guard. There two Kiezführer waited for the “Wild Boys” to show them the Kiez.

Event-Skyline Hamburg