Customer event in the crypt of the Michel

Customer event of a Special kind

At the end of January, HEP- Hanseatische Event Partner GmbH organized a customer event for Commerzbank.

The event began with a classical choir concert in the Michel. After the 60-minute concert the guests were greeted with a champagne reception in the crypt of the Hamburg landmark.

For the vault under the Michel provides the ideal setting for festivities of this kind. In addition, the vault radiates a majestic tranquillity that gives every event a special setting.
Ingredients such as mushroom ragout in puff pastry cake, green cabbage with sliced cooked sausage, and smoked salmon in mini windbag with rocket and creamed horseradish. Are just a selection of the exquisite appetizers served as a flying buffet.

Furthermore, the evening could end with a glass of selected wines with good colleagues and customers.

If you are looking for an event for yourself or your customers, don’t hesitate. True to our motto, challenge us! HEP-Hanseatische Event Partner will be happy to help you plan and execute a suitable supporting programme according to your wishes.

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