Sailing trip on the “Mare Frisum”

Sails set and lines unhooked!

Last Tuesday the HEP-Hanseatische Event Partner had organized a sailing trip for the Pallmann company.

They went at 10 o’clock on the sailing ship “Mare Frisum” which layed below at the Kehrwiederspitze. Before the sailing trip could start, the captain gave a safety briefing and then it started. An accordion player provided musical entertainment on board. In order to provide not only musical entertainment, but also a competition, there was a captain’s competition. The Wild Boys had to answer maritime questions, knot sailor knots, peel the longest potato peel and fill a container with water. In groups they competed against each other and the ambition of the Wild Boys to win increased. At the end there was an award ceremony with certificates. Even though there was only one winning group, everyone had a lot of fun.

After the sails had been set we went back to the Kehrwiederspitze with a tailwind. At 2:00 p. m. sharp, we’re back at the harbour and from there the guests were bid farewell, because everyone had to get his train, bus or flight home. The HEP Team had a lot of fun and thanks Pallmann.

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