In Hamburg it’s all about beer

A trip to the Holsten Brewery

In the Holsten Brewery there you will find the “Holsten Brewery”, a unique world of experience all about the quality product beer.

Marvel, taste, brow. Because our experience brewery offers the possibility to experience the natural product beer with all its aromas, colours, smells and styles live.
Varied beer seminars, exclusive tastings and practical brewing courses. Get to know the traditional brewing trade as well. The highlight: beer lovers can exclusively brew their own personal, individual beer! In addition, you can design your own label and have your beer sent directly to your home after maturing!

Whether you are an interested connoisseur or a passionate beer connoisseur, the new, modern world of experience on the brewery premises is sure to give all guests a taste for what they’re looking for. With a great deal of passion, extensive specialist knowledge and interesting insights at the scene, the experienced experts will introduce you to the fascinating world of natural products. You will learn interesting facts on the topics of beer history, brewing process, variety as well as beer & health. For example, seasonal beer specialities allow you to get to know the sensory diversity of varieties and styles and experience the individual flavours, colours and smells of beer.

Finally, in a cosy and convivial atmosphere, accompanied by a hearty snack, this culinary event becomes an unforgettable experience.

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