Breakout Games in Hamburg

The breakout of your life

One team, one hour, one goal – breakout!

This real-time escape game is all about real teamwork. Only in this way will you be able to free yourself from the locked room within 60 minutes. You must break locks, free yourself from chains, find clues, solve puzzles, analyze, combine and prove your creative thinking. They are observed by an employee via cameras. Which can intervene via a radio or with images on a monitor in the room if something wrong is done or the group does not move forward. The players can usually also become active themselves and request clues from the game leader if they are unable to make any progress. This guarantees a communal experience.

The fun is best suited for groups of 2 to 12 people, but larger groups are also possible. After the exciting breakout, we will be happy to organize a meal for you and your colleagues.

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