Triathlon on the Alster

Strengthen sporting action and team spirit? You can do that with the HEP at the triathlon on the Alster in Hamburg. As befits the north, of course everything takes place on the water. From paddle boats a certain distance is driven off and four different stations are driven to. In four- to five-boats, a common strength is required: this is the only way to reach your destination quickly, safely and successfully. This attitude can later be applied not only on the water, but also integrated into everyday work in the company.

On the Outer Alster you go up to the Stadtparksee, where one of the games is played. On different routes each boat passes every station once. The team who scores the most points in games such as Velcro darts or ball shooting wins a trophy. Who’s gonna be around the office for a long time. After three hours on the water one came home in the evening like from a short trip in the south, which was only one of the nice side effects of the Alstertriathlon. Because also the exploration of new areas, past villas and green gardens, was not to be despised.

After the triathlon there were waiting cold Drinks for the emloyess. With a tasty grill buffet the employees could exchange themself about the one or other funny experience during the journey and enjoy the summer with a cool drink. Whether it’s hamburgers, northern lights or still afraid of water – here everyone gets their money’s worth and will learn to love water and Hamburg. Maybe you even go paddling more often now!

If you are interested in a summer excursion with your colleagues, please contact our competent team at any time. We will prepare a non-binding offer for you and optimize it according to your wishes!

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