IPad Rally through Hamburg

New times – new technology. In the context of an All Staff Meeting of the company Savills, HEP organized a rally of a very special kind. Divided into groups of 10 people each participants of the All Staff Meeting made their way into the urban jungle. Equipped with I-Pads and game documents, the teams tried to solve as many tasks as possible as quickly as possible. The atmosphere was quickly boiling and the ambition of the individual teams was awakened. The Pictures that were taken during the tour were processed directly on the PC of the hotel staff. It was easy to see how much fun the participants had right from the start. One and a half hours after the start of the rally, the programme of the I-Pads closed.

The absolute highlight of the day was the following award ceremony. On a screen the participants followed their own performances during the whole rally once more. . . and still no winner was determined. While the group in front cheered loudly, the others hoped until the end to see their bar grow higher in the real-time diagram, but cheer as winners, but in the end only one can always end.

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Event-Skyline Hamburg