Hamburg Teambuidling-Rallye

It was again so far teambuilding combined with team spirit, speed and of course a lot of entertainment for everyone. We met our Siemens group in front of the city hall in Hamburg. You could already feel that everyone was highly motivated, because the weather played along. There were also no language barriers as we could talk fluently in English. Even the humour of both sides was well understood. You have also divided yourself into groups. It couldn’t have started better.

First we introduced ourselves and explained how the Hamburg Teambuilding Rallye is structured and what all the utensils were meant for. There we had clipboards with us as well as two English city maps for orientation, in addition ballpoint pens and possibly the utensil which all had the most fun – the camera.

The rally is structured in such a way that you have to complete all tasks one after the other in order to get ahead with the next task. However, there is of course a time frame which is punished with a deduction of points for overcoating. Many of these tasks include taking pictures with the camera. And that is so that every member is on the pictures to get the points. Of course every group wants to win the one at the end. Each group discovered the camera for itself. Because there were also some pictures in different situations which obviously happened in spontaneous moments. Especially these results were to the delight of all.

On that day, all the groups came back on time. Now it is like in any competition, only one or in this case a group can win! Special points were awarded at certain points which were also decisive for the winner on this day.
– if only with 2 points –
But the most important thing is that everyone obviously had fun and gained experience. The team wins.

Event-Skyline Hamburg