Curling at Planten un Blomen

The team of the Hanseatic Event Partners has been organizing a winter event of a special kind for several years now. Curling in the middle of Planten un Blomen is always an extraordinary event for our customers. Whether as a Christmas party, a company party or a birthday party, with Hamburg’s winter temperatures, one or two cups of mulled wine and sporting activity, it will be fun for everyone.

Curling has a certain resemblance to curling. Two teams play against each other. The aim is to shoot the stick as close as possible to the stave. Up to 20 people can play on one lane. The ice arena has 6 lanes in total. Nothing stands in the way of an event with up to 120 people. The playing time is 1. 5 hours.

Moreover, a special highlight of the ice rink Planten un Blomen is that playing outdoors. With an area of more than three ice hockey fields, it is Europe’s largest open-air artificial ice rink.

Already in the new year, HEP hosted curling, followed by a meal of kale on a launch in the harbour. Both the combination of movement and fun, as well as the following delicious meal in a special ambience, by the shimmering evening lights of the port, pleased our customer particularly well.

Winter fun – in the middle of Hamburg!

If you are also interested in a sporty winter company with your team, please contact us!

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